Release Notes

Maintenance release - thank you IRS...


  • [SV-2143] Remove Option to Return to DRT from Tax Section of Household Form

Due to the suspension of the DRT by the IRS we have removed the option from the drop down list in the Household Form. When the DRT is restored we will return the value. Early next week your customer success manager will be sending you a list of any students who have not completed verification but previously answered that they would return to the DRT to submit tax information. We recommend contacting these students directly to encourage them to request a tax transcript. 


  • [SV-2169] Required Email Domain Not Enforced
  • [SV-2159] Subsequent ISIR after PJ Re-opening Verification Transaction
  • [SV-2170] Comment Codes Overlapping with DREAM Comment Codes Not Creating Tasks
  • [SV-2174] Bulk Action Request Not Adding Household Form