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Announcement Regarding DCL ID: GEN-17-04

CampusLogic makes every effort to respond to changes in regulatory guidance and clarification as it is issued from The Department of Education. As you are aware, such an adjustment was issued On Monday April 23 in GEN-17-04 . Within hours of its release the compliance and product teams had reviewed the guidance and discussing implications on the StudentForms application. As the DCL states it is “providing institutions with flexibility they may choose to as part of their verification process.” After discussion the solution that is provided needs to offer flexibility for institutions who choose to take advantage of the new options while continuing to meet the needs of schools that choose not to utilize the new documentation options.

CampusLogic will be making updates to the application that allows for a school to decide if it will let students submit signed 1040 tax forms through StudentForms or continue to require the IRS Tax Transcript. Similarly, schools will be able to decide if they will still require a verification of non-filer letter from the IRS or if a signed statement and when appropriate W2s from students and parents. Our development team is currently actively working on making the necessary adjustments to the application. Though we have every desire to move quickly on these adjustments it is also imperative that this new functionality receives thorough testing and scrutiny to ensure the quality that you have come to appreciate from CampusLogic applications. We anticipate the adjusted functionality being available in the next 2-3 weeks.

In the meantime, it is important to note that the StudentForms product remains fully compliant with Title IV verification requirements in it’s current state. Some options to consider if you want to accept signed tax returns could include:

  • Advising students that they can upload tax returns into a tax transcript tasks externally from StudentForms. This could take the form of an email or notification within the student portal.
  • Temporarily update reminder communications from StudentForms to include a note about the signed 1040 now be acceptable documentation in lieu of the Tax Return Transcript.

As always, we thank you for your continued partnership and understanding as we work through this implementation. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future as we tackle the every changing landscape of financial aid.