Release Notes

Maintenance items, encryption enhancements and first half of enhancements in response to DCL GEN-17-04.


  • [SV-2193] - Option for Tax Filers to Submit Tax Return

Per DCL GEN-17-04, institutions can choose to allow a student to submit tax returns to verify tax information. After surveying a subset of customers, some institutions have chose not to implement this new option. Therefore, we have the option a setting that is being shipped in the off position. The setting is not customer accessible at this time. If you institution would like allow the submission of tax returns please contact your customer success manager. 

  • [SV-2144] - Update V4-V5 Reporting

Per feedback from customers and review by our Compliance team the report has been updated to include students who have not created an account in the system.

  • [SV-2201] - Updated Statement of Educational Purpose

Clarified instructional text to the student that the uploaded document is the document "presented to the notary".


  • [SV-2200] - Custom Appeals Not Using Correct Operational Dates
  • [SV-2191] - Date of Birth 1 day in WebForms