This guide provides a high-level overview of the PowerFAIDs document import process.

This process requires you to follow two separate processes per batch; the “Document Posting” process and the “Post Field Value” process.

***Before you perform this integration, please create an “overall verification” document in PowerFAIDs.***

Step 1: Document Posting Process

  • Open your “Batch Wizard”
  • Select “Document Posting”
  • Select the “Alternate ID” option
  • Open the CSV list that was generated by CL Connect and copy all of the data from the “Alternate ID” column
  • Paste the copied Alternate IDs into the PowerFAIDs import wizard
  • Click “Save”
  • Click “Next” and then select the overall verification document that you created from the dropdown
  • Select “Status Date” and “Status” and then “Execute”
  • The verification flag for the specific document should now be updated accordingly.

Step 2: Post Field Value Process

  • Click the “Post Field Value” link under the Update Records section
  • Ensure that VERIF-OUTCOME is selected in the mnemonic field dropdown
  • Change the New Value dropdown to reflect either Verified or Not Verified
  • Click “Next”
  • Next, select the Alternate ID numbers field and paste the same Alternate IDs into the next screen
  • Execute the batch

Step 3: Check the Student’s Status

  • Navigate to the landing page and search for the student
  • Select the “Data Resolution” choice under the FM Data section
  • The Verification Outcome should show as “Verified” or “Not Verified”, depending on the type of event you entered (105 vs 107)
  • Once this is setup, please continue to the next guide here: Flat File Testing .