This guide will walk you through setting up two sets of API credentials. These credentials will be entered in StudentForms and in CL Connect.

1. Login to your Award Letter application and click on Your Name in the top-right hand corner of the screen. In the dropdown, select  Profile.

2. Click Home.

3. Select the Credentials Management icon.

4. Click Add

***The password is pre-populated and cannot be changed.***

***The username will be pre-pended with some form of your schools name. You can add something to the end of the username (in my example I added JBTEST2)***

4. Once you have the credentials created, leave this page open and navigate to your corresponding instance of CL Connect (sandbox/production). Once you close this screen, the password will become obfuscated.

5. Open CL Connect and select the Clicking Here option on step 1.

9. Change the dropdown to Sandbox or Production (depending on your environment) and click Continue. Please do not check any of the configuration options on the left hand side.

10. Enter the API credentials from the Award Letter application. 

11. Select continue and ensure the same credentials are entered in the "Application Settings" tab.

12. Click Continue until you reach the Save Configurations button and then click Save. You will then be brought back to the CL Connect dashboard.

Please continue on to the next guide here: Award Letter folder creation