This guide will walk you through creating folders which are required for several of our integration touch points.

In order to utilize our Award Letter Upload, Award Letter Mapping and Award Letter Print integration touch points, you must create folders on your school's network which will house the documents. As the process is the same for all touch points, you can use this guide for each integration. The provided screenshots are from a PC running Windows Server 2012.

1. Click on Windows File Explorer

2. Create a new folder (folder should be located on the machine running CL Connect)

3. Add the specified folder name(s) - AwardLetterUpload, AwardLetterUploadArchive, AwardLetterPrint etc.

***Please do not include any spaces in your file name***

The folders needed are shown below:


1. AwardLetter_Import

2. AwardLetter_ImportArchive 

3, AwardLetter_MappingImport


4. AwardLetter_Print

4. Provide IIS_IUSRS full access to each of the newly created folders.

Depending on the next step of your installation, follow the links below to next steps..................

Configure CL Connect - Award Letter Uploads

Configure CL Connect - Award Letter File Mapping Upload

Configure CL Connect - Award Letter Print Upload