The administrative portal for AwardLetter allows users to manually upload import files, view award letters and other communication pieces that have been sent to students, generate a pdf copy of a previously sent communication. This guide outlines the steps for setting up users like administrators and/or counselors for access.  To manage access to the portal first login to your site ( 

  • Select the setting menu by clicking on the arrow next to your user name in the page header.

  • Click on the Add New User button to create a new user. 

  • Complete user information. 

  • Enter First Name and Last Name fields
  • Enter a username with at least 8 characters and no spaces. 

Please Note: If your institution is using single sign-on (SSO) the username entered here must match the username being passed by the SSO authentication. 

  • Enter the user's email address. This email address will be used for sending copies of the student communication through the resend/view features
  • Optionally enter a phone number
  • Select AwardLetter as the primary application to grant access to the AwardLetter portal.
  • Select a Primary Role for the user. Additional roles for AwardLetter and other CampusLogic products can be added at a later time. The AwardLetter Roles are:
  • Admin: Compete access to settings, import process, managing award letters, and the ability to add other users. Typically assigned to an IT resource or a Director of Financial Aid/Enrollment
  • User: Basic user can import a file, manage award letters. Typically assigned to office staff who will manage process but not create users
  • Viewer: Ability to resend and see processed award letters. Typically assigned to counselors, help desk roles who answer questions about awarding information and may need to resend a copy to a student. 
  • Click Save to save changes. 

If your institution is using direct sign-on to the application, the user will receive and email confirmation of account creation that will allow them to establish their own password and verify their email to enable username and password reset features.