This section will show you how to setup the Batch Processing integration in CL Connect for CampusCommunicator. This integration requires that the CampusCommunicator template is mapped to an event number (501 or 502) in CampusCommunicator and that event is subscribed to in Platform Management. 

This article explains how to setup CL Connect to be listening for the event. The CL Connect output will create a single PDF for each financial aid notification record loaded into the CampusCommunicator environment. When records are imported into CampusCommunicator for printing, this service will track those files for processing. When the service runs, a single file will be created for each record, until all records have been accounted for.


Step by Step Guide:

1. Open to the CL Connect landing page and select the Clicking Here... option for Step 1.

2. Check the Event Notifications checkbox, then the Batch Processing checkbox, and then click Continue.

NOTE: Only select File Definitions if an accompanying index file is wanted with the batch file.

INFO: AwardLetter was the previous name of this product. Some areas of our enterprise are still awaiting updates

3. Pass the API credential and Application Settings screens.

INFO: See this guide for help with setting your API credentials: Setup API Credentials in Platform Management


Event Notifications:

4. Navigate to Event Notifications on the left bar. 

5. Add the 501 or 502 Event for CL Connect to listen for.

6. Select the Batch Processing/AwardLetter Print

7. Provide a Name for the batch process.

NOTE: This name will be used in the Batch Processing section next, for the Batch Name field.

8. Click Continue.


Batch Process Settings:


9. Where it shows AwardLetter Print as the Batch Processing Type, click the Add button to create a Batch Process for that type.

  • Batch Name (required field): The identifier for the Batch Process. Cannot be longer than 25 characters (must match the batch name previously entered on the event notification page).

  • Max Batch Size (required field):  This should be set to 1 document per file. 

  • File Path (required field): The folder location in which to place the generated batch document files.

INFO: If a directory location has not been created yet, please follow the steps outlined in this article to Create/Identify Network Folders

  • File Name Format: The name of the file to generate. Regardless if this field is left blank or not the system does insert its own values:
    • If text is entered into the field: {FileNameText}_{TemplateType)_{DateTime.UTCNow}.pdf
    • If left blank: "awardLetterPrintBatch"_{TemplateType)_{DateTime.UTCNow}.pdf 
      • The {TemplateType} comes from the Record Type Name in CampusCommunicator

  • Batch Execution Minutes (required field): The interval on which the batch process runs. We recommend setting this to at least 5 minutes.

Web.config example:

10. Click Save.

NOTE: If the index file option is set to Yes, then the File Definitions selection on the Initial Setup page must also be checked. The File Definitions Name field in the picture below will be mapped to the Name field for building the index file in this article: File Definitions

11. The newly created process will appear in the table, resolving the missing batch name error in the left menu. 

12. Click Continue


Save Configurations:


13. Click Save on the last screen. Your Batch Process is set up!