Running Multiple Instances of CL Connect Concurrently

This is a highly customized solution. There are lots of different ways to accomplish this, and not necessarily a "right way". Highlighted below is the general overview followed by more granular instructions for Campuslogic's preferred method. 

  1. Setup the CL Connect Master and get it to functioning state (this will be our rollback, and delta check)
  2. Copy the data (CL Connect Master Folder) and paste it into wwwroot. This can be done for every instance. 
  3. Change the .mdf and .ldf files in wwwroot\WHATEVER\APP Data to reflect the name that will be used in web config
  4. Open and modify the web config file in each instance. CTRL-F and search for "Campuslogic.mdf" the second instance of connection has 6 areas to change to match name of db and log file
  5. Create an App Pool for each instance - Use the default app Pool as a guide (I noticed settings would change after working on stuff, kinda wonky so triple check)
  6. Create a website for each instance: Note here is where things can deviate

I would recommend getting 4 DNS names so that we can bind the websites to *.80 but still navigate to the correct instance over 80. However, we could do some SSL cert stuff, or static routes etc. There are a few options. 

IIS Configuration

App Pool Settings

Website Settings

Web Config Changes

Open the web.config files for each production instance of CL Connect and modify the lines of code that are highlighted below to read as "NEWNAMEHERE" instead of "CampusLogic".