API Integration provides the ability to call an external API through CL Connect, using Event Notifications data as parameters.


Step by Step Guide:


1. Open CL Connect and select the first Clicking Here option on Step 1 - Setup CL Connect.

Initial Setup:


2. In the Initial Setup section: Check the Event Notifications checkbox, the API Integration checkbox, and then click Continue.

Event Notifications:


3. On the left-hand menu click on the Event Notifications.

4. Add the Event number mapped in CampusCommunicator to the communication that is going out to students (501 or 502).

5. In the dropdown menu select API Integration

6. Fill in the Name which will be created in the next section for the API endpoint.

NOTE: Keep this Name available as it must match exactly when the API Integration is built in step 12.

7. The Database Connection section is set to DSN by default so if there is no connection to a database for CL Connect please change the Connection Type to None, and click on Continue.

API Integration:


8. In the API Integration section, click on the Add button in the upper-right.

9. API Name is going to be the title for this API integration, which will encompass the Root URL for the API and the Authentication method. 

  • Authentication: None

  • Authentication: Basic

  • Authentication: OAuth 2.0 

  • Authentication: OAuth WRAP

10. Complete the necessary Authentication credentials and Root URL, then click on Save

11. Next click on the Add Endpoint button, on the right. 

12. For the Name field, this will be the name that was created in Step 6.

13. Complete the Endpoint field for the application of the root, add data points for the API post, and click on Save

NOTE: Currently for the method CL Connect can POST or PUT. GET is not supported at this time as a selection. The MIME type supported is application/json only.

INFO: The parameter mappings in this example below are for a CampusCommunicator integration to Slate.

Save Configurations:

14. In the Save Configurations section, click on the Save button on the right-hand side.