Release Notes

Bug fixes and a change to reports for better performance. A lot of custom forms and triggers for customers.  Oh and now CL Connect can integrate with your SIS or CRM via an API.


  • [SV-2295] - Exports Update - Email and Report Access

The report extracts will now run in the background instead of in the application. The system will send the requester an email after the report is generated with a link that will open the report. 

  • [SV-2306] - CL Connect - API Integrations

SIS and/or CRM integrations via an API using CL Connect is now an option. Please contact your CSM to setup a meeting with a Customer Integration Manager for more information. 


  • [SV-2291] - Unexpected Error Message
  • [SV-2311] - Bulk Action May Fail To Create All Tasks
  • [SV-2315] - Full File Review Zero and Null
  • [SV-2322] - Subsequent ISIR PJ AGAIN
  • [SV-2333] - Task Trigger Modal Clearing Fields