This article is designed for an Institution that desires to update more than the CL recommended Individual Verification Flag. Please note this effort all need to be completed on the Institutions side. 

Some Institutions have expressed the desire to be able to update additional flags within their SIS system outside of the CL recommended Individual Verification Flag. There are many reasons for this, but it most often comes down to a business process requirement. 

CampusLogic has done significant development to StudentForms and CL Connect to accomplish this task. StudentForms and CL Connect serve as API endpoints where we are doing the "heavy lifting" of data translation and manipulation. The end result of this is Event Notifications that represent many possible updates within your SIS. Below we will outline the most commonly used Event Notifications for additional functionality below, but we also highlight notifications that won't provide much use to institutions. 

If you have any further questions please reach out to your Customer Integration Manager.

Four Types of Event Notifications

  • Student Transaction Events - Customer Focused
  • Document Events - Customer Focused
  • User Account Events - CL Focused
  • Communication Events - CL Focused

Customer Focused 

These are the events that schools can use to update their SIS systems. Sometimes it is additional information that may be needed for a business or operational need, for example an extension of a 105 to include the outcome of SAP, PJ, or Other Document event. 

Student Transaction Events
Event IdEvent NameEvent DescriptionLogic or Situation
101Transaction CollectTransaction entered collect statusInitial login from student into StudentForms
102Transaction Document ReviewTransaction entered document review statusStudent has completed tasks, and account is ready for review
103Transaction File ReviewTransaction entered file review statusFA has accepted the last task, but the "Complete Review" button has not been clicked
104Transaction CorrectingTransaction entered correcting statusISIR correction file generated for student
105Transaction CompletedTransaction entered completed statusStudent is Verified
106Transaction IgnoredTransaction entered ignored statusCertain ISIR file flags can be ignored - not much use
107Transaction ReCollectTransaction entered recollect statusStudent is no longer verified and has re-entered recollect phase or student has entered recollect from ISIR correction unexpected change
108Transaction DeactivatedTransaction entered deactivated statusFA team has deactivated a student account
109Transaction Pending VeritaxTransaction entered pending Veritax statusThis is no longer used- deprecated and left just in case it ever crops up again with the DOE
110Transaction Requirements ChangedTransaction requirements were added or deletedManual manipulation of tasks on a student record by FA team sends this event notificaiton
111Transaction ExpiredTransaction was expired by school userThe school has the ability to manually expire a transaction(meaning the student can no longer complete the tran), or when the award year ends, transactions  auto-expired. When this occurs on a student account this event is fired.

Document Events
Event IdEvent NameEvent DescriptionLogic or Situation
401Document SubmittedDocument entered submitted statusStudent has uploaded document
402Document RejectedDocument entered rejected statusFA team has rejected uploaded document
403Document AcceptedDocument entered accepted statusStudent uploads document and FA team reviews and accepts
404Document RecalledDocument entered recalled statusFA team has recalled a previously uploaded doc that was rejected, this will accept the document
405Document DeletedDocument entered deleted statusStudent/FA Team has deleted a document he/she uploaded
406Document E-Signed by StudentDocument was e-signed by the studentDocument was e-signed by the student
407Document E-Signed by ParentDocument was e-signed by the parentDocument was e-signed by the parent

CL Focused events 

These CL Focused events are logged within the CL platform and provide information if there is ever internal issues, but do not provide much functionality for the Institutions to update within their SIS. This information is housed in StudentForms/Cl Connect. We caution schools who think about using these, as most, if not all, of the information you need; we have developed to with the Customer Focused Events. 


User Events
Event IdEvent NameEvent Description or Logic Needed
201Account LockedAccount was locked by {User}
202Account UnlockedAccount was unlocked by {User}
203Account ActivatedAccount was activated by {User}
204Account DeactivatedAccount was deactivated by {User}
205Reopened File ReviewReopened file review for the {award} year
206Completed File ReviewCompleted file review for the {award} year
207SubmittedSubmitted all tasks for {award}
208Logged InLogged in from IP address {IP}
209Account CreatedAccount was created
210Parent Account CreatedParent account was created
211Tasks OpenedTasks for {award} were opened
212Transaction ApprovedTasks for {award} were completed and approved
213Task CompletedCompleted {task name}
214Document RejectedRejected {doc name}
215Document DownloadedDownloaded {doc name}
216Document UploadedUploaded {doc name}
217Requested Additional InformationRequested additional information: {doc name}
218School Selected for VerificationSchool selected student for verification
219Email UnsubscribedUnsubscribed from email notifications
220Email ResubscribedResubscribed to email notifications
221Activity ESign AcceptedStudent has accepted E-Sign option
222Activity ESign DeclinedStudent has declined E-Sign option
223Activity ESign Terms AcceptedStudent has accepted E-Sign Terms and Conditions
224Activity ESign Terms DeclinedStudent has declined E-Sign Terms and Conditions
225Task WaivedTask was waived by school user
226Task UnwaivedTask was unwaived by school user
227Verification task was reopenedVerification task was reopened
228Student profile was updatedStudent profile was updated
229Activity Transaction Expired{Category} transaction for {award} was expired
230Activity Transaction Unexpired{Category} transaction for {award} was unexpired
231Activity Sap Appeal SelectedStudent was selected for SAP
232Activity Pj Dependency Override SelectedStudent was selected for PJ Dependency Override
233Activity Pj Efc Calculation SelectedStudent was selected for PJ EFC Calculation
234Activity File Review ApprovedThe student's appeal was approved
235Activity File Review DeniedThe student's appeal was denied
236Activity File Review RescindedThe student's appeal was rescinded
237Activity Client User Password Reset RequestedThe user requested a password reset
238Activity User Verified EmailUser's email was verified

Communication Events
Event IdEvent NameEvent Description
301New Item RequestedEmail that student has a new task to complete assigned by the school
302Rejected ItemEmail that student had a task item rejected by the school
303Transaction SubmissionEmail that student has submitted their transaction to the school for review
304Completed ReviewEmail that the school has completed reviewing the students transaction
305Information RequestedEmail that student needs to provide additional information to the school
306Parent Signature RequestEmail that student has asked a parent to e-sign a form.
307Action ReminderReminder email that one or more requirements needs action
308Account CreationConfirmation email of Account Creation
309Unsubscribe ConfirmationConfirmation email of unsubscription
310Parent Account CreationConfirmation email of Parent Account Creation
311Transaction ExpiredEmail that the school has expired the students transaction
312Transaction UnexpiredEmail that the school has unexpired the students transaction
313Task WaivedTask was waived by school user
314Task UnwaivedTask was unwaived by school user
315SAP Approved CommunicationCommunication that SAP appeal was approved
316SAP Denied CommuncationCommunication that SAP appeal was denied
317SAP Rescinded CommuncationCommunication that SAP appeal was rescinded
318PJ DO Approved CommunicationCommunication that PJ Dependency Override was approved
319PJ DO Denied CommuncationCommunication that PJ Dependency Override was denied
320PJ DO Rescinded CommunicationCommunication that PJ Dependency Override was rescinded
321PJ EFC Approved CommunicationCommunication that PJ EFC was approved
322PJ EFC Denied CommunicationCommunication that PJ EFC was denied
323PJ EFC Rescinded CommunicationCommunication that PJ EFC was rescinded
324Communication Verification Requested CommunicationCommunication Verification Requested Communication
325Email Changed CommunicationEmail Changed Communication
326Reset PasswordReset Password Communication
327Forgot UsernameForgot Username Communication
328Two Step Authentication Code CommunicationTwo-Step Authentication Code Communication
329School User Account CreationSchool User Account Creation Communication
330Verification Manual Request CommunicationVerification Manual Request Communication
331SAP Appeal Manual Request CommunicationSAP Appeal Manual Request Communication
332PJ Appeal Manual Request CommunicationPJ Appeal Manual Request Communication
339Parent Task Reminder CommunicationParent Tasks reminders have been enabled for Communication
340Student Phone Number Updated By School CommunicationStudent's phone number was updated by the school