Institutions can choose to import a file through CL Connect to StudentForms to generate a bulk action as an alternative to Creating a Bulk Action Manually


Bulk actions by import can allow for the scheduling of a process to create tasks for students automatically from the SIS or other system data outside of StudentForms. This includes:

  • Select students for verification 
  • Create SAP Appeal tasks
  • Create Tasks for Custom Forms

The import creates a bulk action in the system for the students in the file. After the import, the Bulk Action behaves just as a manually created bulk action created through the bulk action screen in StudentForms. 


When the process completes, a notification will be sent to the email address provided on the import file. The status of the process and any errors that occur can be monitored like any other bulk action. 


Please see How to Monitor Status of a CL Connect Bulk Action for details on possible errors and statuses. 


NOTE: Students who have not already created an account will not receive a new task email or text communication of a new task. So any current communication from the institution will need to continue.


The following steps must be completed to use the bulk action functionality:


1. Install and setup CL Connect - Set Up CL Connect


2. Configure CL Connect with an SMTP endpoint so that CL Connect can send notification emails if and when a bulk action fails to upload to StudentForms.  


3. Configure CL Connect with a file location where the import files will be placed for processing - Bulk Action Configuration


4. Create the import file using the following Import File Layout


NOTE: CL Connect version 2.2.3 or higher is required to support this feature.