To enable bulk-action integration in CL Connect, there are two areas in the Setup Wizard that require configuration: SMTP and Bulk Action.  

  • See the SMTP article for a detailed explanation of how to setup SMTP.   
  • The rest of this article is devoted to configuring Bulk Action.

The bulk action-import process requires a shared-file location on the institution's network where import files will be placed for import. CL Connect is then configured to monitor that location and will pick the file and push the file to StudentForms API. 

  • Select Bulk Action from the CL Connect Setup Wizard Menu
  • Select Daily in the Process Schedule. CL Connect will select all files in the folder to process at midnight UTC time. 
  • Enter the File Pickup Location of the folder where new files will be put. Use the Test button to confirm path is correct
    • We recommend building the file in your own staging area and then moving it into this location only after it's ready.  
  • Enter a File Drop-off Location where process files will be archived. Use the Test button to confirm path is correct
  • Enter a Notification Email  for the user who will be alerted that the bulk action has completed.  For more information on monitoring the status of a bulk action, please see How to Monitor Status of a CL Connect Bulk Action.
  • Use the File Uses Student Social Security Numbers to indicate the type of identifier used. If left unchecked the system will assume that the identifier for matching is a student id. 

  • Save Configurations.