The bulk import process uses a csv file with the following fields and requirements: 

Please Note: This file layout is for bulk actions completed through CLConnect. For bulk action file layout through Admin-Bulk Action please click here.

Field Descriptions

  • ID- Used to identify students by Social Security Number or school Student ID
    • If Social Security Number is used as the identifier the Use SSN flag must be set in the CL Connect configuration. 
  • ACTION- Used to identify which action to take. Acceptable values in this field are 
    • VERIFICATION - select students for verification
    • SAP - request SAP Appeal
    • ADDITIONAL - request an additional information document
    • CUSTOM TRANSACTION - request an existing custom appeal transaction 
  • AWARDYEAR- identify awards years
    • Acceptable formats include 2017-2018, 2018, 17-18, 8 (i.e. for award year 2017-2018) 
  • REASON- required reason for action
    • 250 character limit
  • VGROUP- request Verification Tracking Group. Used on if the Action = Verification
    • Acceptable formats include V1, V4, and V5
  • TRACK- Tracking Group assigned to SAP Appeals. 
    • Used to tag students by a term, period, cohort or other group identifier. This field is blank if the Action not "SAP"
  • TRANSTYPE- identifies which transaction to assign an additional information document to
    • If ACTION = ADDITIONAL, acceptable formats include Verification and Other Documents
      • Other Documents is the Transtype for non-verification custom forms
    • Else if ACTION = CUSTOM TRANSACTION then acceptable formats include any existing custom appeal transactions for your school
      • Please note that the name needs to match exactly how it is displayed in the UI of the application
  • CREATETRANS- Determines if the selected transaction should be opened by the application if not already created by a school user/student
    • Acceptable formats include Y or N
  • DOCUMENT- Identify which document is being requested for Verification or Other Documents transactions. Please note that if the import is selecting for Verification the V Group will automatically drive the create of standard tasks.  
    • Name of document must match to the document name used in StudentForms. Document Names can be found under Admin>Settings>Integration>Document Mapping
    • If your SIS uses a different name, please refer to your mapping found under Settings > Integration > Document Mapping tab

Required Fields Based on Action Type

NOTE: All fields are required in the file as their own column header, even if the file is built for a specific action that does not require all fields.

ID, ACTION, AWARDYEAR, and REASON are all required fields for each record. The following fields are required depending on ACTION selected:

  • ACTION: SAP requires field TRACK