This release includes all updates related to the 18-19 Award Year. Currently, we have set all customers operational dates for this year to November 1st. If your institution wishes to wait to have the ISIRs processed and new Award Year emails/texts to be generated you can set the dates further using the Award Year Operational Date Settings 

Please Note: The morning of October 31st we will be rolling over configuration of customer triggers that are award year specific so they are ready for the Nov 1 date. For institutions with award year specific triggers, we recommend not moving up operational dates earlier than November 1 without contacting your customer success manager. 

Application Updates

As your institution prepares for the New Award Year we have prepared a New Aid Year Checklist with suggested items to review, and test to make sure you are prepared for the new year.  The section below outlines the enhancements and bugs included with the regulatory updates. 

Please see the attached document outlining changes in document types and system behavior resulting from regulatory updates this year. These apply to 18-19 ISIRs only. The document is intended as a training document for you to cover with your staff. 


  • [SV-2411] - Nulling Fields in Full File Needs to Reset with Subsequent ISIR
  • [SV-2420] - CL-connect bulk action config-warning indicator is wrong
  • [SV-2434] - Texts Sending When Setting Off
  • [SV-2435] - Rejecting Completed Document Bug


  • [SV-1732] - Full File Review-Marriage Date

Updated format to require only mm/yyyy

  • [SV-2259] - Enhancements to Additional Untaxed Information Web Form

Requested verbiage updates.

  • [SV-2262] - Update Citizenship Web Form

Requested verbiage updates.

  • [SV-2264] - Display Appeal Decision On Student Side

Configurable option to show student the outcome status of an appeal. Switch to activate can be found under Admin>School Settings>Appeals.

  • [SV-2265] - Use School Merge Field in PJs

Expanded merge field options for professional judgement appeal related communications. 

  • [SV-2301] - DREAM Students Custom Task for Selective Service 030 and 057

AY updates for DREAM Student specific content. 

  • [SV-2422] - Update Label for Statement of Ed Purpose Form

Requested verbiage updates.

  • [SV-2426] - Tax Form Names - Federal Baby!

Requested verbiage change.

  • [SV-2428] - Update Webforms/PDFs for new year

Content updates for new AY.

  • [SV-2433] - Update Graduate Task Switch for 18/19 Tasks

Expanded switch to enable/disable verification tasks for graduate students.