Release Notes 

This release adds some features and fixes to CL Connect for bulk processing.  Also a few addition fixes in StudentForms


  • [SV-2472] - Bulk Action Import File Update

We previously release the ability to import a file via CL Connect to execute bulk actions (Select Student for Verification, SAP Appeal, Request Additional Information or Assign a custom task). However, we goofed and forgot to include the ability to create a custom appeal transaction.  We have gone back and updated the import. You can find an overview of the bulk import process here.


  • [SV-2475] - Unable to delete member in household section on mobile devices
  • [SV-2478] - CL Connect - Bulk Action consuming file but not processing
  • [SV-2479] - Expire transaction import fails to process a file for any school once it throws an exception
  • [SV-2484] - Error message when updating appeal  settings preventing saving of changes