Email Notification

To receive an email whenever a bulk action completes:

  1. Configure CL Connect with a valid SMTP server that CL connect will use to generate an email notification when CL Connect is unable to upload a bulk action to Student Forms.
  2. In the Bulk Action configuration of CL Connect, configure the"Notification Email" with the email address that should receive notifications for bulk actions.  Please note that this "Notification Email" overrides the "Send To" email in the SMTP configuration.  

View the Status Directly

  1. In the ideal situation, CL Connect is able to upload the bulk action to StudentForms, after which StudentForms manages the rest of the process.   To view the status of the bulk action in StudentForms please see How to Monitor Status of a Bulk Action.
  2. However, if something prevents the bulk action from uploading, then it won't show up in StudentForms.  Instead, attention should shift to CL Connect.
    • Navigate to the "Logs Records" in CL Connect.

    • Find and analyze statements in the log that are prefixed with "BulkAction:" as shown in the example below.

      • In this example, we see that the bulk action was rejected by StudentForms with an error (in blue) showing that some students in the .csv file weren't valid.  

        • Please note that this is an "all or nothing" process meaning that if even one row fails, the entire file will fail and the system will not process any actions. 

      • We also see that CL Connect attempted to send an email notification, but that failed for some reason (in red).  

      • At this point, two courses of action could be: 

        • (1) Analyze the .csv file to figure out why the student identifiers might be invalid.

        • (2) Analyze and test the SMTP configuration in CL Connect to figure out why emails might be failing.

    • If the logs don't show anything relating to bulk action, some reasons this might happen are:

      • Newer events may have occurred that have pushed the bulk action events out of view.  The "Date" field in the log might be helpful to track this situation down.  If this is found to be the case, then the bulk action can be triggered again manually so that newer bulk-action events appear in the logs. 

      • The bulk action might still be in queue waiting to be processed.

    • To trigger and/or view the status of jobs, navigate to the "Processing Queues" workspace.

    • This will take you to the Hangfire Dashboard, which shows the current work items, or jobs, in progress, queued, etc.  

      • To trigger bulk action manually, visit the "Recurring Jobs" tab, check the bulk-action job, and then click "Trigger now"

      • As a job is processed, it advances through various stages: Enqueued, Scheduled, Processing, and so on.  You can visit each of these stages to see which jobs fall into that particular category.  The example below shows that a bulk-action job completed successfully about an hour prior.

        • If a bulk-action job is "Enqueued" or "Scheduled", that means it's waiting for its turn to be processed.  In that case, we shouldn't expect that any notification would have happened just yet.