The AwardLetter Item Mapping import allows an institution to use an import to maintain fund sources, items types, and cost of attendance items to keep AwardLetter settings up to date with values present in AwardLetter import files. 

Step 1: Configure CL Connect

  • From the Setup Wizard Menu in CL Connect select AwardLetter File Mapping Upload


  • Select upload frequency from drop down list.

Note: The file will update existing records so a full file can be upload to maintain configuration.

  • Enter path to shared folder where file of AL mapping configuration will be located (Test button will confirm correct path and folder permissions)
  • Enter a path to an archive folder where processed files will be moved after processing by CL Connect (Test button will confirm correct path and folder permissions)
  • Enter days of the week CL Connect will sweep the folder location. 
  • Click Continue button to save settings  

Step 2: Upload File

 The import file contains field values from your SIS that are displayed in your Awardletter template (e.g. Fund Sources, Budget items). For these items you can define acceptable values, how they should be displayed on the template, what section of the award letter where displayed and the order fields should be listed. Column headers must match exactly and be in the sequence below. 

Errors due to incorrect headers or values will be logged in CL Connect logs. 

Note: The import will add new records and update existing records. Contact your CSM to have records deleted as appropriate. 

  • RecordType (Required) - Items are mapped to either Award Letter, Print, Print Imaging, Shopping Sheet. 
    • Default use 'Award Letter'
  • TemplateType (Required) - Your template name.
    • Use any template name that already exists in your environment as a default. Individual items only need to be imported once under the default template
  • SectionName (Required) - Enter the existing section name from the template.
  • ItemFieldName (Required) - Value sent in the file (Fund Source/Item Type)
  • ItemDisplayName (Required) - How the value will be displayed in the template (user friendly label)
  • Item Description (Optional) - Use this field upload and/maintain help text for the item. 
  • SystemGroupName (Required) - System values used for reporting purposes. Values include:
    • Direct Cost
    • Indirect Cost
    • Institutional Scholarship
    • Institutional Payment Plan
    • State Grant
    • Federal Pell Grant
    • Perkins Grant
    • Other Grant
    • Work Study
    • Federal Subsidized Loans
    • Federal Unsubsidized Loans
    • Parent PLUS Loan
    • Graduate PLUS Loan
    • Non-Federal Private Educational Loan
    • Military and/or National Service Benefits
    • American Opportunity Tax Credit
  • ShoppingSheetGroupName (Optional) - Used for Federal Shopping Sheet Template only. Manages which section of the shopping sheet to include the value. Group names include:
    • Tuition and Fees
    • Housing and meals
    • Books and supplies
    • Transportation
    • Other educational costs
    • Grants and scholarships from your school
    • Federal Pell Grant
    • Grants from your state
    • Other scholarships you can use
    • Work Study (Federal, state, or institutional)
    • Federal Direct Subsidized Loan
    • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan
    • Family Contribution
    • Federal Perkins Grant
  • OrderId (Required) - Used for sorting values displayed. Use only positive who numbers. OrderId should be unique by section. 

Manual Import Alternative

Alternatively a user with the Admin Role for AwardLetter can also upload the file without CL Connect through the admin portal. 

From the home page select File Mapping Import

  • Click Import File 

  • Browse an attach the file outlined above. 

The process will take several second to minutes depending on the size of file.