Release Notes


  • [SV-2512] - File Store Event Processing
    Errors were causing duplicate items at times in activity log. Issue was corrected.


  • [SV-2423] - ISIR Comparison Tool Enhancement

Expanded the ISIR fields available in the ISIR comparison tool to include over 100 new attributes. 

  • [SV-2505] - 400/401 Without Tasks Event Logic

For institutions using SIS integration, students who have a 400 or 401 code that do not require any additional documentation and have no other codes that would require documentation will cause the 105 (Verification Complete) business event to be raised. This allows institutions who are assigning a tracking item or other flag in their SIS to have these student cleared automatically. 

  • This functionality has been updated, please review the release notes from 05/25/2018.