This guide will walk you through using our API to send and receive information back to your API endpoint.

***Only use this guide if you do not have CL Connect***

To make this process work, you will need to follow the steps below in this order:

  1. Your school will use the API to upload an AwardLetter data file for processing
  2. Your school will receive a simple HTTP Post to whatever endpoint they specify with a 502 event notification.
  3. Your school will pull the AlRecordId field from the event notification for the record (see example payload below)
  4. Your school will use the AlRecordId to call back to API 'BatchPrint' endpoint to get the PDF document
  5. The PDF will then be returned. The File name of the PDF will be in this format: “{record.StudentSisId} {record.FirstName} {record.LastName} {templateType}.pdf"

BatchPrint AwardLetter API-

An example of the payload we'll pass to your API endpoint is shown below.

501 Event Notification:

{"id": "fca6b92e-00de-45cc-8dd7-8ce8642ac12a","tenantId": 17761,"clientId": null,"hostName": null,"eventNotificationId": 501,"eventNotificationName": "AwardLetterGeneratedPrintImaging","description": "Award Letter Generated Print Imaging","dateTimeUtc": "2018-01-05T19:22:01.1657185Z","studentId": "244931","svStudentId": null,"svUserId": null,"svTransactionId": null,"awardYear": "1718","svDocumentId": null,"endpointURLOverride": null,"additionalInfoId": null,"alRecordId": "c5d00ccf-3472-05d3-43422342837f","svTransactionCategoryId": null}

You will need to pull the aLRecordId from the payload and then send our API a POST. Once your API call is received, we will return the requested PDF document(s).

Batch AwardLetter API-
Request Headers:
Authorization: WRAP access_token="[security token value]"
Content-Type: application/json
Request Method: Post

Data: JSON (included in the body of the request)

Request URL: (Production Environment)

Request URL:  (Sandbox Environment)

Example of the Body: ["{c5d00ccf-3472-05d3-43422342837f}"]  

Example name of the PDF that is returned: {STUDENTID}}--{{FIRSTNAME}}--{{LASTNAME}}_{{TEMPLATETYPENAME}}.pdf