Reject Codes 15 (Comment 108) and 16 (Comment 110) regarding missing student and or parent signature may generate a task in StudentForms if certain conditions are met.

Comment codes 108 and 110 are student actionable if the student passes the SSN Match on their Name, DOB and SSN to achieve a SSN Match value of 4. 

  • If the student has not signed their original FAFSA application, they do not go through the SSN Match and are unable to create an account in StudentForms. They do not receive a task because they are unable to create an account. They appear in the Invalid ISIR column in the ISIR imports screen.
  • If the student has signed their original FAFSA application and has a SSN Match flag of 4 and a subsequent ISIR is missing the student or parent signature, the student receives a task for missing signature.  This task only allows the student to correct their FAFSA to sign electronically. It does not provide the student a signature page to submit to CPS or the School.  If the school chooses to have to student and/or parent sign the signature page, they would handle this outside of StudentForms according to their policies and procedures.