Starting with 2018-2019 if a student and/or parent uses the Data Retrieval Tool successfully to import their tax information into the FAFSA it is masked from the Student/Parent view.  Checks are performed on the information transferred from the IRS, the student's ISIR may be flagged with a comment code 400 or comment code 401 that require the school to review if they fall into one of the below scenarios.  StudentForms populates tasks for the student only if one of the below scenarios occurs.  StudentForms does not populate tasks for the student if they do not fall into the scenarios described in the Electronic Announcement from August 7, 2017.

The school may choose to review additional students that do not fall into one of the scenarios below, StudentForms does not populate tasks for comment codes 400 or 401 if they do not meet the below criteria for populating the comment code 400 or 401 tasks. The school would follow externally developed policies and procedures for the additional review. If additional documentation is required, the school may request the documentation through StudentForms or institutionally select for verification in StudentForms either individually or through the bulk action process. A data export is available on the reports screen in StudentForms to help identify students who may have a comment code 400 or 401. 


Identifying Students with 400 or 401 in StudentForms

In the reports section of StudentForms has a 400/401 Status export. This may be used to identify additional student who have a comment code 400 or 401 on their ISIR but are not considered student actionable in StudentForms.  For more information on this export, please see Data Exports - 400/401 Status.