Release Notes

Logic updates, minor fixes and minor enhancement to export.


  • [SV-2575] - Remove Auto Zero EFC From the Subsequent ISIR Bypass
    • Ensuring the Verification form is reopened for dependent students whose Auto Zero EFC flag is removed on a subsequent ISIR after the Verification transaction has been completed.
  • [SV-2585] - Parent SSA Check on Web Forms
  • [SV-2586] - Parent SSA Check on Request Signature Modal
    • Fix to ensure parent SSA match at time of parent e-signature request - does not apply to California Dream students.
  • [SV-2606] - Web form task can be submitted without sub tasks
    • Fix issue to ensure students cannot complete a task without all steps being completed.
  • [SV-2614] - Can Not Request Additional Info On Some Docs
    • Fix to allow request of an additional document already submitted through a selection task where the student changed their upload selection.

Your can view more information about Parent E-Signatures here: 


  • [SV-2590] - Event Notification Export Enhancement
    • Added View Raw JSON column to export.