Please Note: If you are a student or parent user, you must contact the Office of Financial Aid at the institution the student attends for assistance. These articles are for school use only, they are not intended for student or parent use/help.

The first time that a parent is requested to e-sign a document they must create an account. Subsequent documents that require e-signature, the parent may use the same username and password to login. 

For Federal ISIRs, the parent must pass the check with the Social Security Administration on their Name, DOB, and SSN for the student to get the e-sign option. If at least one parent does not pass the check, the student is automatically opted out of e-sign. If the parent does not have a SSN and enters all zeros for the parent SSN on the FAFSA, the check with SSA is not performed and the parent is not eligible for e-signature. If only one parent passed the check with the SSA, the student may only send the e-sign request to the parent who passed the SSA check.

For Cal DREAM ISIRs, the parent is able to have all zeros for their ssn and create an account, as long as they can provide all required information and match to the Cal DREAM ISIR.

Please note: The parent cannot create an account or view documents for e-signature until the student sends the e-signature request.  If the parent is unable to create an account, check the student view tab for the task requiring e-signature to make sure the student has sent the request.  If you see the text "Student has not initiated a signature request.", the student has not sent the request to the parent.

If the parent clicks on the link provided in the parent e-sign email request sent by the student, the parent is taken directly to the create account screen.

If the parent is directed to the Secure Parent Login screen, they would select the create account button.

Please note: The parent may only create one account per student. They do not need to create an account each time they e-sign a document for the same student. The school may want to review and edit the parent e-sign request to provide more detailed instructions for parents who have previously created an account.

The parent is required to complete the following information:

Please Note: If the parent has multiple students attending the same institution, they are required to create a separate account for each student for whom they need to e-sign a document. The account usernames must be different for each parent account. Parent accounts cannot be associated to more than one student. The parent user may want to put indicators in the username to differentiate which student the parent account is associated to, this may help avoid confusion for future award years.

The parent is required to confirm their information as it appears on the ISIR (FAFSA)

  • Parent's first name or Parent's first name initial
  • Parent's last name
  • Parent's date of birth
  • Parent's social security number

The information above must match the FAFSA exactly. 

Please Note: The confirm parent information section contains the field labeled Parent's first name. StudentForms accepts both the parent's full first name or the parent's first name initial.  Only the first character entered into the Parent's first name field is used to compare to the FAFSA.

The parent is also required to confirm the student's information.

  • Student's first name
  • Student's last name
  • Student's date of birth
  • Student's social security number

The information above must match the FAFSA exactly.

Once all required information is entered, the parent may select the Create Account button.

If all confirm parent and student information matches the FAFSA, the parent is taken to the Parent E-sign screen.

Please see Parent - E-sign Request for information on how the parent e-signs a document.