Release Notes

This release applies to customer using single sign-on only. 


  • [SV-2623] - Student Force Re-Registration

    If you have a student who receives an error of "1011" during registration it means that there is already an account linked to the ISIR. This typically occurs when usernames change in your system for some valid reason or an accidental linking of an account due to a shared computer where another user is already signed in (i.e. FAO staff). The new feature will allow Admin Users to un-link the association of user from the ISIR. The student will then be required to re-register upon the next entry to the system. The new feature is on the student's account above the account activity which will now show the username in the audit trail that is linked to the account and any subsequent un-linking and re-registration. We recommend caution when determining that the account should be un-linked to insure security of student information. For further instructions please see the support article here.