If an ISIR record is already linked to a StudentForms user account and another user name is used during the account registration for that same ISIR the student will receive an error with the code "1011". In some cases, there may be a valid reason to unlink accounts because a user name changed or an error was made during the original registration (e.g. using a shared computer where another user was already logged in). In these scenarios the account can be un-linked on the student account page using the following steps. 

  • Navigate to the student's account activity page.

  • Review account history to insure correct account is not associated with the ISIR and student receiving the "1011" did not make an error. 
  • Click Force Re-Registration button to unlink.
  • Instruct student to register by going to your StudentForms url after logging in with your institution's SSO if you use SSO and then re-register the account by inputting the answers to the four key identifiers. This will re-register the student and link their ISIR to the appropriate user name.