Video Overview ~ PowerFAIDS XML Configuration

Step by Step Guide

This document will walk you through the setup of CL Connect for the PowerFAIDS XML integration. 

1. Download CL Connect version 2.10.2 or above via 

2. If you are upgrading your current version of CL Connect to v2.10.2+ extract the files downloaded from CL Connect, copy them, browse to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\CL-Connect-master folder and replace all files except the App_Data and web.config.

3. Create a folder in the same directory as your ISIR/Documents/Flat File etc. If you do not already have this directory, feel free to create one such as C:\CampusLogic\PowerFAIDS *Ensure IIS_IUSRS has full control for this folder. *

3. Browse to localhost in a browser to open the CL Connect wizard and go to option 1 for setup.

4. On Initial Setup, select PowerFAIDS checkbox (you may need to select Event Notifications if you have never selected it before).

5. Click the Event Notifications option on the left side bar.

            a. Enter 101 (account initialization) in the Events to respond to section

            b. Choose PowerFAIDS for the handler

            c. Choose Add another event and repeat these steps for 105 (completed review) and 107 (recollecting documents) as well as any additional event notifications you subscribe to in Student Forms

6. Click PowerFAIDS on the left side bar

            a. Click Select next to the file path space

            b. Click Test

            c. Choose if you’d like one student per XML file or multiple students

            d. Choose how often you’d like the XML generated

7. Setup the XML parameters by clicking Add on the bottom left

            a. Add the events you setup in Event Notification such as 101 and choose the outcome

            b. If you chose Verification Information, select the outcome such as Not Performed

            c. Select an option for the outcome lock. Locked means a subsequent event notification cannot change the outcome that this event notification will enable.

            d. If you chose Documents, fill in the Short Name that was setup in PowerFAIDS.

            e. Select if this doc is required for packaging or disbursement

            f. Choose the Status for this event notification & lock option

            g. If you choose Both Documents and Verification Information

            h. Enter the Short Name that was entered into PowerFAIDS when you created the document.

            i. Choose if this document will be for packaging or disbursement

            j. Select the status to which this event notification will update this document and select the lock

            k. Choose the verification outcome for this event notification and the lock option