Release Notes

This release applies to event notification 105 - Transaction Completed being trigger with comment codes 400/401. 


  • [SV-2667] - Update Event Notification 105 to No Longer Handle 400/401

    We've removed the logic around the event notification 105 - Transaction Completed being triggered when an student ISIR is processed and contains comment codes 400 and/or 401 and does not have any actionable tasks for the student to resolve. This lead to event notifications being passed in some cases without a student ID, when an initial ISIR was processed before the student had created an account to link their ID. In order to help you identify students who have 400/401 and no actionable tasks to complete, we released the 400/401 Status export in the Reports page. This will allow you to track students who: 1) currently have an actionable 400/401, 2) currently do not have an actionable 400/401, 3) previously had 400/401 but the current ISIR has it removed, and 4) has never had 400/401 on any ISIR.