Release Notes

Minor fixes to the award view page and enhancements to the application builder, awarding/notification process, and ability to import SIS data into application.


  • [SU-335] - Award View Cleanup
    • Fix to various bugs found on the Award View page.


  • [SU-353] - Client Documents
    • Built client documents page with ability to upload documentation into a library to be reused within the application.
  • [SU-354] - Application Builder Document Item Type
    • Added the ability to add document downloads to an application.
  • [SU-367] - Award Notification
    • Added email and SMS templates to be sent to student when an awarded a scholarship that requires acceptance and/or a thank you letter.
  • [SU-383] - Award Acceptance and Thank You Logic and Modals
    • Added logic to allow students to accept awarded funds.
  • [SU-364] - External Scholarship Workflow Page
    • Built an external scholarship management workflow page to assist CampusLogic Scholarship Researchers.
  • [SU-379] - Global Question and List Management
    • Added logic to allow CampusLogic Scholarship Researchers to build global questions and tables.
  • [SU-341] - Award Post Page
    • Built post page for queued awards with fund codes, ready to be posted to the school SIS.
  • [SU-368] - Create SU Services to Access SIS Data & [SU-382] Award View SIS Integration
    • Allow SIS data to be imported into the application, displaying student SIS data in application review and award view pages.