Release Notes

Minor file review fixes and minor enhancement to downloading of documents.


  • [SV-2698] - EncryptionKeyId not populated for ClientUploadedFiles table
    • Fix to ensure client uploaded images in content such as email communication templates to renders properly.


  • [SV-2668] - Report Enhancement - Outstanding Student Tasks to Display Ready for Submission
    • Have added an additional column to the Outstanding Student Tasks export called Ready to Submit. Each task is now evaluated to determine if all the action steps have been completed and the task is ready to submit. If at least one action task is still left outstanding and the task cannot be submitted, the value is reported as "No"; otherwise all actions have been satisfied and the task is ready to submit, and the value is reported as "Yes".
  • [SV-2238] - IP Reporting - Fix Filter and Add Monitor Feature
    • Fixed a minor filter bug. Added the ability to mark IPs and Users to be "Monitored" for reporting purposes. Each view of the report allows you to filter all IPs/Users by the monitor flag.
  • [SV-2689] - Selective Service Enhancement
    • Minor enhancements to the student options contained in the global selective service tasks.
  • [SV-2661] - Parent SSA Enhancements
    • Updated the parent SSA check at the time opening a web form rather than after the initial e-signature by the student. Also enforced checked to be applied by separate award years.