Contact Information is used to manage the mailing address, support email, and support phone number for each application.

Accessing Contact Information

If you have an Admin role assigned to you for the application you are currently in, you'll find access to Platform Management in your profile drop down located on the top right of each application.

  • Click on the Profile Drop Down on the top right corner

  • Select Platform Management

You will be directed to the General page of the Platform Management tool.

  • Select Contact Information

Managing Application Information

For each CampusLogic application your school is using, you can edit the contact information. If using more than one application, you also have the ability to copy contact info from one application to another.

Please note that application information placed for CampusCommunicator does not affect the information found on any CampusCommunicator template. Please contact your Custom Success Manager to make any edits to the template

Manually editing an application:

  • Select the Application you wish to edit
  • Complete all of the contact fields
  • Click Save

Copying information from another application:

If you are using more than one CampusLogic application and want to copy information from one application to another, follow these steps:

  • Select the Application you wish to edit
  • Select the application you wish to Copy From
    • All field information from the Copy From application will be moved to the current application being edited
  • Click Save