Platform Communications manages the sender email address and display for each CampusLogic application. This can be used to differentiate each application when sending automated communications to students.

Please note that Admins are the only role allowing visibility and accessibility to Platform Communications.

Accessing Platform Communications

If you have an Admin role assigned to you for the application you are currently in, you'll find access to Platform Management in your profile drop down located on the top right of each application.

  • Click on the Profile Drop Down on the top right corner

  • Select Platform Management

You will be directed to the General page of the Platform Management tool.

  • Navigate to the Settings page.

  • Select Platform Communications

Managing Platform Communications

This section will walk you through managing the email and sender display names for automated communications.

  • For each application you can edit the Email From (the sender address appearing on the email) and the Sender Display Name

Please note that for AwardLetter, this does effect the template emails sent out. Please contact your Custom Success Manager to make any edits to the email templates.