Credentials Management is used to build and manage API credentials used to link your CampusLogic applications to CL Connect, an web application used to facilitate integration with your institution's internal systems.

Please note that a Platform Administrator is the only role allowing visibility and accessibility to Credentials Management.

Accessing Credentials Management

If you have an Admin role assigned to you for the application you are currently in, you'll find access to Platform Management in your profile drop down located on the top right of each application.

  • Click on the Profile Drop Down on the top right corner

  • Select Platform Management

You will be directed to the General page of the Platform Management tool.

  • Navigate to the Integration page.

  • Select Credentials Management

Managing Credentials

This section will walk you through creating and managing credentials. You may have up to two sets of credentials at a time.

  • Click Add to create a set of credentials.
    • The Username will always be formatted as ({{ hostname }}_apiuser{{ credential 1/2 }})
      • i.e. campuslogicuniversity_apiuser1
    • The Password is a randomly generated 32 character password only exposed at the time of creation - this is your only chance to copy the password to use in CL Connect; if at any point you leave the page, returning will always show the encrypted password
    • Generate New Password allows you to create a new password, which follows the same rules of only being exposed at the time of creation and should only be used if you missed copying the password the first time
    • The Trash Can icon will delete the credentials
  • As mentioned, you can only have two sets of credentials at a time - the Add button will be disabled until at least one credential is deleted

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