Release Notes

Minor fixes, ability for students to search scholarships, a thank you template management list page, and enhancing CL internal roles to build global questions/lists.


  • [SU-387] - Notification Tab
    • Fix to ensure that grouped award notifications are pushed to the correct status when some require acceptance/thank you letters and others require neither.
  • [SU-412] - Fund Code Alternate Saving After Scholarships Save
    • Fix issue where saving Fund Code Alternate in the Scholarship Builder was saving after the rest of the scholarship was saved, causing an error.


  • [SU-390] - Student Scholarship Search
    • Ability for students to search scholarships and review on results page with advanced filters.
  • [SU-386] - Thank You Template Management List
    • New summary list page to control management of thank you templates.
  • [SU-379] - Global Question and List Management
    • Allows CL internal roles to build global questions and list.