Release Notes

Minor bug fixes and enhancements.


  • [SV-2656] - Statement of Education Typo
    • Fixed typo in the first sentence of the second section where "{{School Name}}" and "to" were one word without a space.
  • [SV-2697] - 400/401 Status Report Update
    • Fixed a condition in the export process that marked a student as having an Actionable 400/401 code when the student doesn't actually require any action. Please note the logic behind creating the tasks and showing notification that no action is required in file review has always been correct - only this new export ran the wrong condition.
  • [SV-2700] - Outstanding Student Tasks Export Update
    • Fixed conditions in the export process that marked a task as ready to Submit when it was not. The conditions included when a parent e-signature request was still pending and when a task that required a selection of what document(s) a student wanted to upload was not selected.
  • [SV-2656] - Deleting Additional Document In Reopened Task Causes Error
    • Fixed issue where students would receive an error when submitting a task, reopening the task, adding another page to a document and immediately deleting that page.
  • [SV-2682] - Student and Spouse 1040 and 1040X Being Summed Together
    • Fixed issue where the document values from the "Student and Spouse 2016 Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript" and the "Student and Spouse 2016 Signed Federal IRS Form 1040X" were being summed together in Smart File Review rather than the 1040x values overriding the tax return transcript.
  • [SV-2704] - AGI Calculation Conflict
    • Fixed issue where the AGI Calculation module in Smart File Review was hidden when student/spouse (or parent 1/parent 2) had one tax filer and one reporting income on the verification worksheet and a joint return was later requested, causing the school user to select between document sets.
  • [SV-2721] - E-Signature Issue
    • Fixed issue where school users always saw the message that the web form could not be e-signed due to both parents not passing the SSA check. This was seen when the school user was viewing the web form through the student view and has been resolved. Please note that this issue was not reflected on the student side and did not prevent students/parents from e-signing web forms.


  • [SV-2674] - Disable Lifetime Web Forms
    • Web forms have been disabled from qualifying as lifetime documentation. Lifetime documents are locked at the time of document approval by a school user rather than the time of upload by a student, as the application cannot assume that the student is finished uploading the required pages of a document and lock them out from making edits. Two frequent scenarios caused errors when web forms are marked as lifetime:
      • Students with two open award years have a window of time to change the form for each year before one is approved and locked by a school user, creating two versions and losing the lifetime lock.
      • Some web forms generate dynamic sub tasks, such as uploading year specific documentation, and cannot be reused for the next award year.
        • (i.e. if a form that generates a sub-task to upload the Student's 2015 Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript cannot be lifetime and rollover the document the next year in place of the Student's 2016 Federal IRS Tax Return Transcript)
  • [SV-2675] - Remove Pre-Population of Tax Document Fields in PJ EFC Full File Review
    • The PJ EFC Full File Review grid has always assumed that the tax year documentation requested for verification should also be the year that it pre-populates into its grid for corrections. (i.e. for 2018/2019, any tax documentation for 2016 pre-populates into the full file review tax section fields and documentation from 2017 is ignored, causing the school user to key in override corrections). Because every student situation is unique and the application can't assume which documents for which tax years will be requested from the school, full file review will no longer populate the information from the tax documents straight to the full file review and require the corrections to be keyed in by a school user. This only affects tax fields - any other ISIR field is pre-populated into full file review as normal.