Release Notes

Minor fix to fund code saves, new address questions, and a lead decision screen.


  • [SU-373] - Fund Code Edits Not Saving
    • Fixed issue that created an error when saving a new fund code and saving edits to an existing fund code.


  • [SU-398] - New Address Questions
    • Added seven new "known" address questions that allow building individual requirements based on country, state, county and city:
      • Where do you currently work?
      • Where have you previously worked?
      • Where does your parent(s) currently work?
      • Where has your parent(s) previously worked?
      • What is your parent(s)' current residence?
      • Where have your parent(s) previously lived?
      • Where were your parents born?
  • [SU-384] - Lead Decision Screen
    • Released the lead decision screen to allow CL Scholarship Researchers to approve/reject incoming leads. Leads are any sources of potential scholarships that must be vetted for approval - approved leads will be converted into scholarships for use.