Release Notes

Minor bug fix.


  • [SV-2693] - Verification Transaction Full File Review has Complete Review Button Enabled
    • Fixed issue where the Complete file review button within the Full File Review section was always enabled even with outstanding documents to review or multi-document mismatch in Smart File Review still needing to be resolved. Clicking when the file review was not truly ready opened an error modal. The Complete button in Smart File Review did not have the same issue and this issue only affected the Verification transaction.
  • [SV-2724] - Waived Document Not Re-Added
    • Fixed issue where a document requested as additional info and then waived would prevent a custom trigger to create a new task to re-add that same document during a subsequent ISIR processing. This scenario would only occur if a school user manually requested a document/form, waived it rather than recalling the requested document/form, and then a subsequent ISIR contained a condition to request the document/form.