This guide will give you an overview of the setup required to begin building and publishing your scholarships.

General Settings Checklist

General setup includes adding and managing users and their roles, building organizations and departments to set up permissions, and mapping your institutional majors into the application.



Plan > Scholarship Setup Checklist

Scholarship setup includes building and managing the groups of data used to build the scholarship: awarding information (award years, terms, and fund codes), cycles, donor related information (donors and thank you templates), and questions (matching requirements).

Note: Awarded amounts are queued into bulks to be posted to your selected system by either manually exporting the data from SU and importing into your system or using CL Connect integration to have the data passed from between the two.

  • Application: While the matching requirements assigned to a scholarship will be used to determine who is eligible to apply for the scholarship, your application should be built and used as the differentiator between all of your applicants. See below for basic setup for the application process.

Plan > Application Setup Checklist

Application setup includes building and managing questions and documents to be used on the application.

Example: Two separate questions requiring the same thing in a different aspect:

1. Please submit a letter of recommendation from your high school counselor.

2. Please submit a letter of recommendation from a community leader.