As a school administrator, I want to be able to create and assign certain documents and/or forms to specific organizations and departments within the institution.  This section is designed to create, edit and activate organizations and departments within the institution and assign user access on each level.  Only the school administrator has rights to make changes to these Organizations and permissions.


In order for a Scholarship to be built, the school administrator will have to add an Organization in this section.

Creating an Organization

Settings > Organizations

  • Click on [Settings] link in the Menu bar on the left of the home screen;
  • Find the [Organizations] tile in the panel view;

  • Click on the [Organizations] tile and open up the Organizations section;
  • Click the link in the top right corner, [Add+], to add a new Organization

  • Enter the demographic data about the Organization.  There are two required fields on this page (Name, Description).  There is an option to keep the Organization active (default) or to inactivate it.  When inactive, the user will not see this Organization as an option when completing other forms.  Save to complete this form.

  • Once the new Organizational information has been saved, the user will be redirected back to the Organizations list.  There they will see the new Organization present in the list.  If that Organization is active the user will see a green icon.  If it is inactive, the red Iconwill be present.

Adding a Department

  • Now that an Organization is created, the user has the option to add a Department.  By clicking the arrow to the left of the Organization, the user should see any Departments already linked to this Organization and an option to add additional departments.
  • Choose the option to add a Department
  • Here, the user will have an opportunity to add the Department demographics and activate/inactivate on the Department level. Once this data is inputted and saved, a Department will be added to the Organization.

Editing an Organization/Department

  • If Organization or Department information needs to be changed, the user can find a edit icon next to the Organization/Department name that will bring them back to the demographics page to make adjustments.  Saving updates the changes.  Cancel will disregard any adjustments made to this form.

Searching for an Organization/Department

  • A smart search bar is located at the top of the Organizations home page to make it easy to find an Organization or a Department

User Permissions

  • By adding a user to an Organization and/or Department the administrator is giving that user access to view and/or change (depending on the user) components dedicated to that Organization or Department.  
    • Example 1- User A has permissions to the Athletics Organization, User B does not.  If there are 10 scholarships, 3 documents, and 4 applications associated with that Organization, User A will have visibility to all of these associated forms/documents, where User B would not.  
    • Example 2 - User C has permissions to the Hockey Department, while User D has access to the Volleyball Department which are both housed in the Athletics Organization.  In this case, both User C and D have access to any form/document under the general Athletics Organization umbrella.  If the form/document points to a specific department, say the Hockey Department, then User C would be able to access the form/document and User D would not.  

Adding Users to Organizations/Departments

  • The system administrator will want to add users with specific roles to their designated Organization in order to have visibility to Organization specific forms and documents.  
  • To add a user, select the user iconand use the drop down list (also a search field) to find the user(s) that need to be added to the Organization.  
  • Select the Organization by checking the box.  By selecting the Organization check box, the system will add the user to this Organization and all of its Departments.
  • If the Organization has multiple Departments the user has an option to specify which Department to assign that user.
    • In order to select a specific Department(s) from the list, the user will need to deselect the Organization check box and mark the box(es) next to the appropriate Department(s).
      • Note: The Organization box will be unchecked, however, that user will still have general access to that Organization and specific access to the selected Department(s).

Editing/Removing Users within an Organization

  • Once a user is added to an Organization, the system administrator has the option to edit their access.  Keep in mind, users can be members of multiple Organizations.  The administrator has the option to update their access by selecting the edit iconor remove their name from the Organization all together.
  • By selecting the edit option, the administrator can remove the user's access to that Organization without removing them from the list.  Once the Organization has been un-selected and saved, the icon will be removed to show that they are not active in this department.  To reactivate the user, go back to the edit screen, check the box, and save.  The star icon should reappear.

By selecting the trash icon, the administrator can remove the user from the list of members.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

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