As a school administrator, I want the ability to create terms in order to specify a time frame in which funds will be awarded for each scholarship.  Most institutions define these Terms as semesters (Spring, Fall, Summer).  By identifying the Terms, a user can indicate how many and which terms a scholarship will award funds to. Only the school administrator has the rights to add or edit the Terms.


In order for a Scholarship to be built, the school administrator will have to add a term in this section.

Creating a Term

Settings > Terms


  • Click on [Settings] link in the Menu bar on the left of the home screen;
  • Find the [Terms] tile in the panel view;

  • Click on the [Terms] tile and open up the Terms section;
  • Click the link in the top right corner, [Add+], to add a new Term

  • Enter an easily identifiable name for the Term (i.e. Spring 2018).  Select the Standard Term from the drop down (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer), then choose the start and end date to determine what time frame in which the Term will cover.  Click the save button to add the term.

  • A new Term will always default to an active status once it has been created.  The Terms main page will display the Term name and dates for easy review. 

Editing a Term

  • If a Term needs to be changed, the user can find the edit iconon the Terms main page.
  • Choosing the edit option will pull up the details for the Term so that the user can make changes.  Saving these changes will update the Term in the list.

Deactivating a Term

  • If a Term needs to be deactivated, the user can find the deactivate icon.
  • Choosing this deactivate option will remove the Term from the active list and store it in the Inactive tab.  Deactivating a Term will hide the Term from the user when creating or editing a scholarship.

  • In order to reactivate a Term, the user would need to navigate to the Inactive tab on the Terms home page and select the Reactivate icon.
  • This will push the term back to the Active tab and enable it to be selected as a valid Term when building/editing a scholarship.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

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