As a school administrator, I want to be able to add all of the institution's Majors and Programs to map them with the federal Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP).  The Majors and Programs that the administrator creates on this page will be added to the list options for the question "What is your current or intended major?".  Once a student answers this question they will be eligible for any internal and external scholarships that match with this Major or Program.  Only the school administrator has rights to create and/or update these Majors and Programs.


The list of Majors and Programs should created in the initial setup of Scholarship Universe.  

Creating Majors & Programs

 Settings > Majors & Programs


  • Click on [Settings] link in the Menu bar on the left of the home screen;
  • Find the [Majors & Programs] tile in the panel view;


  • Click on the [Majors & Programs] tile and open up the Organizations section;

Manually Add a Major/Program

  • Click the link in the top right corner, [Add+], to add a new Major or Program.

  • Enter the Major/Program Name, Major/Program Short Code (this is an optional field to input the abbreviation the institution uses for that Major/Program), and find or search the CIP codes in the drop down list.  Click [Save] to create the entry.

Import Majors and Programs List

  • School administrators also have the option to import a list of the institutions Majors and Programs using a CSV file.  This file should include the Major and Program names as it is recognized by the institution's Student Information System (SIS) as well as the CIP codes officiated with each Major and Program.
  • To import the document, click the link in the top right corner, [Import List], and select the [Upload Files] button to search for the CSV file to upload.  Once the file is selected, click the [Import] button to create the entries.

Editing a Major/Program

  • If a Major or program needs to be changed, use the edit iconto update the entry.
  • A familiar modal will populate with the current information.  Update the necessary field(s) and [Save] to confirm all updates.

Deactivating/Reactivating a Major/Program

  • If a Major or Program needs to be deactivated, use the deactivate iconto remove this entry from the selection list.  Deactivating this entry will not delete it, it will push it to the inactive tab where it will remain until reactivated.
  • To reactivate a Major or Program, navigate to the Inactive tab in the Majors & Programs home screen and select the reactivate icon.  This will push the Major/Program back to an active status where it can be selected again.
    • Reminder: Inactive entry's will be removed from the selection list from the question "What is your current or intended major?" and therefore will not drive the search for those Major/Program specific internal/external scholarships.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

[Links to related FAQ documents]