Majors & Programs contains an import feature to allow you to manage your majors in quick, bulk actions.

User Import File Specifications

The bulk import process uses a CSV file with the following fields and requirements:

  • PROGRAM- the list of your schools majors/programs found within your Student Information System, as they appear to your students
    • Any question using the Majors lookup list will use the values found in this column as options to select
  • CIP- the list of Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) that map to each of your majors
    • CIP should only contain the CIP index number, not including the name
  • SHORT - this is an optional list of alternative labels for your programs (i.e. "Math" for program "Mathematics")
  • STATUS- this is an optional column to update the status of the major
    • Acceptable values include "A" to Activate or "D" to Deactivate

* PROGRAM and CIP are required values. SHORT and STATUS is an optional field.

Please note the following requirements for the import file:

  • The user import file requires the headers given above for any situation, in the same format and in the order listed
  • PROGRAM and CIP are required for each record; SHORT is optional
  • You may have multiple Programs tied to the same CIP, but you may not have multiple CIPs tied to the same Program (i.e. you cannot create duplicate Programs)
  • If an existing Program is found, the CIP and Short Code will be updated for that record; else the Program does not exist and a new record for that Program will be created
  • CIP values are listed on the National Center of Educational Statistics website, found here:

Using the Import Feature

This section will walk you through the import process. The import feature will process successful records and alert you to errors found.

  • In the Majors & Programs page, click on the Import List button.
  • The CIP Import modal will appear, where you must select a CSV file to import.
  • After selecting a file, click Import to begin the process

  • The process will commit any records where errors are not found. The results of the validation will appear within the modal:
    • Number of Records Added (where Program did not exist before)
    • Number of Records Updated (where Program already existed)
    • Number of Records Not Added (an error was found and these records were not added)
  • If you wish to export a CSV file of the records with errors, click on Export Records Not Added

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