The ScholarshipUniverse product includes automated communication via email and/or SMS/Text to students and email reminders for school users. School Admin users may enable, edit and adjust communication settings in PlatformManagement. 


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  • Step 1: Click on the Communication Tile
    • The user is then redirected to Platform Management where all communications are housed for the school across all products. The admin user may also navigate to the communications by going to Platform Manager>Settings>Platform Communications>ScholarshipUniverse


  • Step 2: To enable Email/SMS communications set Notifications/Alerts to on. This allows the admin user access to additional communication settings.
  • Step 3: After turning on the Notifications/Alerts to on, click Save to save prior to editing individual communications.


Communication Settings

  • Enable SMS: Set Enable SMS switch to on to allow SMS/Text messages to be sent from ScholarshipUniverse. Activation allows student to enter a mobile number during account creation to opt into text messaging. I also allows the student to manage their mobile and sms preferences in their profile settings.
  • Email From: Enter the email address that will be used on all automated email notifications.
  • Sender Display Name: Enter the name that will appear as the sender in the email.
  • Click Save to save any changes made to the communication settings.

Student Confirmation Notification Settings

Communications in this section are sent to the student notifying/confirming an action has been completed. 

  • Account Creation - Notification sent to notify the user an account has been created in the system.
  • Letter of Recommendation Received - Confirms that a requested Letter of Recommendation has been received.
  • Letter of Recommendation Denied - Notification that the requested Letter of Recommendation has been denied.
  • Letter of Recommendation Expired - Notification that a requested Letter of Recommendation has expired.
  • Application Submission - Confirmation that an application has been submitted for a scholarship(s).
  • Scholarship Award Notification - Notification that a scholarship applied to has been awarded to the student.
  •  Scholarship Award Without Notification -A preliminary notification confirm that a scholarship applied to has been awarded to the student. This does not require further action from the student. 
  • Scholarship Award Loss- Notification confirming that a scholarship applied to has not been awarded to student. 
  • Scholarship Posted - Notification that an awarded scholarship is being posted.
  • Award Adjustment - Notification that an awarded scholarship is being adjusted.
  • Thank You Approved - Confirmation that a Thank You Letter submitted has been approved.
  • Thank You Rejected - Notification that a Thank You Letter submitted has been declined.
  • Re-opened Answers - A notification sent out to students who have an answer requiring an update.
  • Feedback Submission - Confirmation that student feedback has been submitted.

Student Reminder Notification Settings

Notification sent to the student when action may be required. Each reminder notification has settings to allow the school to determine the frequency (number of days between reminders), duration (maximum communications sent) and start (number of days prior to deadline or after notification) to send reminders.

  • Internal Scholarship Deadline Approaching - Notification to student that an internal scholarship with an open, unsubmitted application is approaching the scholarship deadline.
  • External Application Reminder  - Notification to student to update their external scholarship application status.
  • Award Acceptance Notification - Notification to student that an awarded scholarship is waiting to be accepted.
  • Outstanding Thank You Notification - Notification to student to submit Thank You for an awarded scholarship.
  • Student Newsletter - Weekly newsletter sent to student with ScholarshipUniverse information.

School Confirmation Notification Settings

Communications sent to school users when either all required reviews for a round has been completed or when a new pool is ready to begin reviews.

  • Reviews Completed - Notification sent to Review Manager that all required reviews for a specific pool's round have been completed.
  • Review Pool Started - Notification sent to Reviewers that a new pool round is ready for reviews to begin.
  • Award Approved:  Notification sent to user that awarded a student to inform them that the student has been approved during the approval process.
  • Award Denied:  Notification sent to user that awarded a student to inform them that the student has been denied during the approval process.
  • Award Action Needed: Daily notification to school users of any award actions outstanding. This includes scholarships ready for awarding, awards ready for approval, awards ready to notify, Thank You letters to approve, and awards ready to post. The following roles have the actions associated to receive this email: 

School Reminder Notification Settings

Reminder communication sent to school users for action needed. Additional settings for maximum number of communications and frequency (number of days between emails).

  • Outstanding Review Notification - Reminder communication sent to Reviewers with review pools that still need scores.

External Reminder Notification Settings

Reminder communication sent to external recipients of Letter of Recommendation requests. Additional settings for maximum number of reminders, frequency (days between reminders) and start of reminders (days after request first sent).

  • Outstanding Letter of Recommendation - Notification sent to remind Letter of Recommendation requestees that the Letter of Recommendation is still needed.

Edit Communication Templates

ScholarshipUniverse includes default communication text for both emails and SMS/Text notification. A school admin user may edit the text of the communications.  To edit a specific template click the Edit  button next to an enabled notification to open the communication editor. 

  • Email Templates the subject may be edited by the school admin, click within the subject text box to edit text.
  • If the school would like a copy of the email sent to additional email addresses, select the Add CC/BCC link to open those fields in the communication editor.
    • Enter CC and BCC email addresses in the text boxes
    • Multiple email addresses may be entered, they must be separated by a semicolon

Body of Communication Message

The body of the message has additional editing options for email templates.  SMS/Text communications may only be edited as plain text.

The email notifications editing supports html emails. Admin users may format text, insert links, insert images using the toolbar provided. Additionally, the html for the email may also be directly accessed in the editor by clicking on the HTML Editor </> on the right of the screen.

Merge Fields

Merge fields that will be replaced with data from the system are available to personalize communication content. Merge fields may be added to the communication by selecting from the options on the right of the screen. Make sure that the cursor is inserted at the correct point in the template prior to clicking the merge field.   

All communication templates contain the default merge fields listed below. Additional merge fields may be available based on the communication type.

Default Merge Fields

  • Student First Name
  • Student Last Name
  • Product URL
  • Client Name

After the admin user has finished editing the communication, clicking Save will save the edits made to the template and return user to the communications screen. 

Clicking Cancel discards the changes and returns the user to the communications screen.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

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