As and institution, I want the ability to notify students that have been chosen to receive scholarship funding.  This section is designed to compile the students that were awarded scholarships and choose to notify them about their award. Depending on the specifications of the scholarship, the user can assign and monitor deadlines for the student to accept and/or complete a thank you letter to the donor.  The user also has the option to remove students awards here if that option is needed. 


This section pulls in data from a couple different sections:

  • Award Views - In order for a student to appear in the notification queue, they would need to be awarded funds in the My Award Views section,
  • Scholarship - If the scholarship specifies that the student needs to accept the scholarship award and/or send out a thank you letter to the donor(s), it would need to be indicated in the Scholarship page.  The management of these tasks will start in the Notification section.

Notifying a Student

Award -> Notify

  • Click on [Award] link in the Menu bar on the left of the home screen;
  • Find the [Notify] tile in the panel view;

  • Click on the [Notify] tile and open up the Notification section;

  • The Notify section is broken up into two main components; Notify and In Progress.


  • The landing page, after the Notify panel is selected, will display all of the students that have been selected to receive a scholarship award.  
  • Above the the list of recipients, the user will find filters to help narrow down the list:
    • Pool - This filter will display the students that were awarded funding within a specific Award Pool.
    • Scholarship - This filter will display students that were awarded for a specific scholarship
    • Organization - This filter will display students that were awarded funding were the scholarship was linked to a specific Organization.
    • Department - This filter will display students that were awarded funding were the scholarship was linked to a specific Department.
  • When the user is ready to notify the student(s) they will select the bubble next to the recipients name and the [Notify] like will show enabled.
  • The user will then click the [Notify] button to trigger the notification process.
    • The user will see a modal populate to confirm the notification action and have an option to set deadline dates to acknowledge Acceptance and/or submit a Thank You letter.
      • The Acceptance and Thank You letter deadlines are managed in the Scholarship builder.
    • Upon confirming the Notification of Awards, if the scholarship needs Acceptance and/or a Thank You letter, the awarded student will receive an action item to complete these tasks on their student website.

In Progress

  • This section provides the user with a list of students that have been awarded funds and are still working on their Acceptance and/or Thank You letter.
  • The filters on this page are similar to the filters on the Notify screen but with some additional options.
  • Each student file has the same data that the Notify tab had but on this page the user can view the Acceptance and Thank you letter deadlines and has visibility to whether or not that task has been completed.

Removing a Student

  • If a scenario presents itself where the school needs to cancel the award for a student, the user has the option to remove them from that scholarship's awards.
  • A student can be removed before or after they are notified. On both the Notify and In Progress pages, there is a remove icon which will remove them from the Notify screens and clear any funds that they were awarded in the pool.
  • Once that icon has been clicked, the system will display a confirmation modal to confirm their removal, provide a section to add a reason for the removal, and have the option to send a notification to the student letting them know that they have been removed. 

Troubleshooting and FAQs