The Post Awards screen in ScholarshipUniverse allows the user to track and export posted awards. The user may then import this information into their Student Information System (SIS) or Financial Aid Management System (FAMS) to include scholarship awards on the student account. Award Managers and Admin users have the ability to post awards.


The user must have completed the award view and notification process in ScholarshipUniverse.

For more information on Award Views

For more information on Notify Awardees

Post Awards

Award > Post


  • Click on Post tile



  • The Post screen has two options:
    • Ready to Post (default) - Scholarship funds that are ready to be batched and downloaded for posting in your SIS/FAM.
    • Post Batches - Once the school user has batched and downloaded the ready to post scholarships, the batched file moves to the Post Batches tab.

Ready to Post

Ready to Post - Displays a grid with the following information:

  • Scholarship
  • Award Year
  • Student ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Amount
  • Fund Code
  • Fund-Code Alternate(s)
  • The Ready to Post grid may be sorted by clicking on a column header
  • Select all scholarship awarded funds in the grid by selecting the checkbox in the first column header
  • Select individual scholarship awarded funds by selecting the checkbox for the individual student


  • Once all of the funds that are to be posted to your SIS/FAM are selected, click the Batch and Download button
  • A CSV file is either downloaded or opened on the user's computer. 


  • The Post Awards export includes:
    • Scholarship
    • Award Year
    • Term
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Amount
    • Fund Code
    • Alt Fund Codes (if applicable)
    • Record Type - Record type currently will always be I for inserted. Future record types may include D for deleted and U for updated.(We can remove this part if you think it should be removed and updated later when that functionality becomes available)
  • The school user may use the csv file to update their SIS/FAM with the awarded scholarships.

Post Batches

Post batches contains the batched and downloaded files after the school user has batched scholarships on the Ready to Post screen. Batched files display in a grid with the following information:

  • Batch Date - Date file was batched and downloaded
  • # of Records - For each term a scholarship was awarded for a student. i.e. if student received a scholarship for both Fall and Spring terms this counts as two records.
  • Scholarship Students - Number of students in the batch file.
  • Amount - Amount of scholarship award total in batch file
  • Batched By - User who batched and downloaded post batch file
  • View  - Allows user to view batch
  • Download  - Downloads batch file if download is needed again
  • All columns except for view and download may be sorted by clicking on the column header

  • Click on View  to open a previously batched and downloaded post awards file

  • In the Batch Created screen the user can view information about the batched post awards file.
  • All of the columns may be sorted by clicking the column header
  • The file may be downloaded again by clicking the Download button
  • Clicking Close takes the user back to the Post Batches screen

Troubleshooting and FAQs

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