SmartRanks are used to rank applicants who already meet the matching requirements of a scholarship using multiple criteria. SmartRanks allow committees to quickly see a stack ranking of candidates and eliminate inconsistency in awarding. SmartRanks can be predefined as outlined below or can be created or updated during awarding in the Award View screen. When applied, the SmartRank will create a weighted numeric score for each candidate and an ordinal ranking for each that can be sorted or filtered on in the Award Views screen. 

Admin and Award Managers can manage SmartRanks from Award > SmartRanks.

Managing SmartRanks

SmartRanks allow institutions to build pre-calculated rankings that can be reused to manage candidates and prioritize awarding applicants.


  • Click on the Add+ button to create a new SmartRank or click on the pencil icon to edit and existing SmartRank.




  • Enter a unique name for the SmartRank that users will see in the dropdown list in the Award View screen. 

  • Optionally select an Organization and a Department to reserve the SmartRank to users associated with those organizations. 

  • Click the Add button to add items to the the SmartRank

Note: The Review Score is based on the average score of all reviewers from the final round of the review pool. This item will be included in the SmartRank by default. If you do not wish to include it in the rank set the Weight % to 0. 

There are two options for selecting a criteria:

Option 1: Use a Matching/Application questions to rank candidates by their answers.

  • On the Question tab select from the available questions. Only numeric or Yes/No questions will be available for selection. 

  • Set a Direction. Numeric questions will allow of Ascending (i.e. Larger number answer is better for ranking) or Descending (Lower number score is better for ranking. Yes/No questions will allow Direction to be set to whether Yes or No is the better answer for ranking. 

  • Enter Weight to determine how much the item will count towards the overall rank for the candidates. The total of all items must be 100% to save the SmartRank. 

Option 2: Use a field imported from school's SIS or other system that is not mapped to a matching/application question. This requires that integration via CL Connect has been implemented. 

  • On the SIS tab search for available SIS fields. Only numeric of Yes/No fields will be available. 

  • Set Direction

  • Enter Weight

  • Click Save after entering criteria with a total weight of 100%.

Deactivating SmartRanks

SmartRanks can be removed from the drop down list for users by clicking the trash can icon on the summary screen. This will move the SmartRank to the Inactive tab where a recycle icon can reinstate it. 

Create or Modify a SmartRank in the Award View

SmartRanks can also be created inline while working with an Award View or edited to run a simulation of ranking.  From the Award View (Awarding>Award View)

Use one of the following 3 options to adjust SmartRanking within an Award View

  • Option 1:Create a new SmartRank
    • Click on the Plus Icon. This will open a new SmartRank window.

  • Option 2:Modify items or weighting of an existing SmartRank
    • Select an existing SmartRank from the drop down and then click the Pencil Icon to modify an existing SmartRank. 

  • Option 3:Copy and existing SmartRank
    • Select and existing SmartRank from the drop down and then click the Plus Icon . This will open the existing SmartRank. Change the name to create a new copy. 

Troubleshooting and FAQs

  • SmartRank is not available in the drop down list in the Award View. If this occurs confirm the Organization and Department assignment for the user is the same as what is on the SmartRank. Also confirm that the SmartRank is on the Active tab and not the Inactive tab. 
  • A question or SIS field is not available in the list when creating a ranking criteria. If this occurs confirm that the question or field is the proper data type (numeric or Yes/No).
  • Can't save SmartRank. Confirm that total of the criteria equals 100%.