Cycles are used to manage the application period for a single scholarship or for multiple scholarships. A cycle must be created to publish a scholarship and defining cycles is one of the first steps in preparing to offer a scholarship opportunity. Cycle management is found on the Planning page and users with Admin access or Scholarship Coordinator access will have the Cycles tile on the page. 



Plan > Cycles


  • Click on Cycles tile. 


  • Click on Add+ button to create a new cycle or click the Edit icon to open an existing cycle.  A modal window will open. 

Note:  The Cycles screen has 3 tabs for Current (i.e. Scholarships Available date has passed), Future (i.e. Scholarships Available date is a future date), and Archived (Scholarships Deadline is passed).



  • Create a unique Cycle Name. We recommend defining a naming structure that helps users identify the cycle for creating scholarships and for reporting purposes (e.g. Fall 2018 Engineering)
  • Enter a Scholarship Available Date - This is the first day students will be able to submit applications for the associated scholarships. 
    • Please note: The Start time for the date entered is 12:00 am PST.
  • Enter a Scholarship Deadline - Deadline for application submission for associated scholarships. 
    • Please note: The deadline time for the date entered is 11:59pm PST.
  • Click Add to save the cycle

Troubleshooting and FAQs

  • If after clicking Add your cycle "disappears", check the Future and Archived and confirm the dates entered. 
  • Updating a Cycle end date to a past date while associated with an open Scholarship(s) will update that scholarships status (See Application Method: How Will your Scholarship Flow)
  • Updating a Cycle end date to a future date when the cycle has been closed will push the cycle to an Open status and possibly update the Scholarship status.
    • In a scholarship where the application is Internal Application, if the Scholarship status is "Ready to Review", when reopening the Cycle, the scholarship will be pushed to Open.  This opens up the scholarship to receive more applications.