Cycles are used to manage the application period for a single scholarship or for multiple scholarships. A cycle must be created to publish a scholarship and defining cycles is one of the first steps in preparing to offer a scholarship opportunity. Cycle management is found on the Planning page and users with Admin access or Scholarship Coordinator access will have the Cycles tile on the page. 



Plan > Cycles


  • Click on Cycles tile. 


  • Click on Add+ button to create a new cycle or click the Edit icon to open an existing cycle.  A modal window will open. 


                    Note:  The Cycles screen has 3 tabs for Current (i.e. Scholarships Available date has passed), Future (i.e. Scholarships Available date is a future date), and Archived (Scholarships Deadline is passed). 



  • Create a unique Cycle Name. We recommend defining a naming structure that helps users identify the cycle for creating scholarships and for reporting purposes (e.g. Fall 2018 Engineering)


  • Enter a Scholarship Available Date - This is the first day students will be able to submit applications for the associated scholarships. 

  • Enter a Scholarship Deadline - Deadline for application submission for associated scholarships. 

  • Click Add to save the cycle

Troubleshooting and FAQs

  • If after clicking Add your cycle "disappears", check the Future and Archived and confirm the dates entered.