Score cards are predefined guides to reviewers who are reviewing applicants that make reviews more quantitative. They allow for defining the criteria for scoring, weighting of criteria and customized instructions. Score cards can be applied by default to specific applications or can be select each round of review.  Score cards generate a numeric score for applicants that are then averaged and can be used to rank candidates with SmartRank. 


Plan > Score Cards


  • Click on Score Card tile  


  • Click Add+ button  to create a new score card. or click the Edit pencil icon to update an existing Score Card. 



  • Enter a name for the score card. This name will be used in drop down lists to assign score cards to applications and review rounds. 

  • Optionally select an Organization and department to control who can access the score card. If no Organization is assigned the score card will be available globally. 

  • Optionally enter a description. The description is used internally only to help identify the intent and purpose of the score card. 

  • Use In Active flag to control availability of the score card in drop down lists. Yes equals active/No equals inactive. 

Note: Score cards assigned to applications and rounds will not be removed by setting to Inactive.  

Define Criteria

Criteria are the individual review elements of a score card. Settings allow for define the score range and weighting. 

  • Click on Add+ button in Criteria section.  


  • Name criterion with a label that the reviewer will see.

  • Select a maximum value. We recommend using 5 or 10. 0 will be lower limit on each criterion to allow users to score a 0. 

  • Optionally allow users to enter a decimal score by checking the Allow Decimal checkbox. 

  • Set weighting for the Criterion. 
    • The weight will be multiplied times the score for totaling the complete score.  The complete score will multiply points entered by the weight for each criterion and then sum the numbers.  
    • Weighting must total 100%  across all criteria in order to save the score card. 

  • Provide instructions to the reviewer Help Text box that add clarity to the expectations and scoring of the criterion.  These will be displayed to the reviewer as a prompt.
  • Click Submit button. 

Click Save button to save entire Score Card.

Reactivate an Inactive Score Card

When score cards are set to inactive they are moved to the Archived tab.  To reactivate, click on Archived. 

  • Click the Recycle icon to set to active. The score card will be immediately moved back to the active tab. 

Troubleshooting and FAQs

  • If you created a Score Card and it isn't showing up in drop downs for assignment, check the following items:
    • Confirm the Is Active flag on the score card is set to 'Yes'
    • Confirm that the user trying to find the score card in the list belongs to the same organization and department that the score card is assigned to