Question personalization allows the ScholarshipUniverse user for an institution the ability to review all current application and client specific questions. School Admin and Question Manager users have access to review, edit, and create new questions. Scholarship Managers and Scholarship Viewers have view-only access.


Plan > Question Personalization


  • Click on Question Personalization tile 


  • Click on Create Question button to create a new question. 


  • The school user enters the information in the Question Builder screen. Required fields are indicated by the *. Selecting the provides a tool tip on the information that should be entered into each field, or provides information on how the field is used in ScholarshipUniverse.
  • In the Question text field, enter the title for the question as it will appear on the student side of the application. 
  • In the Short Label text field, enter a label to identify the question on the school side of the application.
  • Enter help text for the question in the Help Text field. The help text appears as a hover over next to the question. If help text is not entered, the hover over option is not provided for the question.
    • The help text section has additional formatting options including links and tables.
  • Enter tags into the Tags text field. This assists users when searching for questions to add to requirements for a scholarship or application.
  • Enter categories into the Categories text field. Putting questions into categories assists with finding questions for future reference.
  • Review Period, selecting an option from the dropdown indicates how often the student is required to review the question and update their response if needed. Options in the dropdown are: Never, Per Term, Per Award Year, and Yearly.
    • Never: Selecting this option will ensure that the question will never reopen for the student once it has been answered.
    • Per Term: Selecting this option will reopen the question to the student at the start of every new term.
    • Per Award Year: Selecting this option will reopen the question to the student at the start of every new Award Year.
    • Yearly: This selection generates a dropdown with 2 options:
      • From Time of Last Answer: Selecting this option will reopen the question to the student one year from time that they last updated the answer to this question. 
      • Set Date: Selecting this option will reopen the question to the student one year after the date selected by the user.
  • Question Type, selecting an option from the drop down displays additional question options.



Question Type

  • Question Type Options include:
    • List - Multiple choice list, allowing the student to select all applicable answers
    • Integer - Any number, does not allow decimals
    • Numeric - Any number, allows decimals
    • Date - Allows student to select date
    • Yes/No - Only allows student to choose either yes or no
    • Document - Allows the student to submit requested document. This option cannot be used to match scholarships
    • Text - Allows the student to enter in text for the answer. This option cannot be used to match scholarships.
  • Selecting List presents the options for list type, display list description, and display type. 
    • List type, a set of pre-populated list of values that is associated to your question. You may create a new list if the pre-populated options does not have the list type needed. Select the link Can't find your list? to create a new list.
      • See section below for more information on how to create and manage custom lists
    • Display list description, turning this option on displays the display list description instead of the name default.
    • Display type, determines how the list displays, options are checkboxes or drop down list. 

  • Selecting Integer presents the options for minimum value and maximum value. 
    • Minimum value, the minimum allowed value a student may enter.
    • Maximum value, the maximum allowed value a student may enter.

  • Selecting Numeric presents options for minimum value, maximum value, and number of decimals.
    • Minimum value, the minimum allowed value a student may enter.
    • Maximum value, the maximum allowed value a student may enter.
    •  Number of decimals, the maximum number of allowed decimal places a student may enter

  • Selecting Date only provides the student a field to enter date. No additional options are presented.

  • Selecting Yes/No presents an option to choose checkboxes, radio buttons, or a drop down for the student to select yes or no to the question.

  • Selecting Document presents a drop down menu to choose from the document type you would like the student to submit. Types of documents available to upload are:Essay, Work Sample, Resume, Image, Video, Audio, Link,  Recommendation Letter, Acceptance Letter, Application, Curriculum Vitae, Financial, Transcript, Employment Info, Biography, Budget, Membership(s), Personal Statement, Other.
    • Please note: For video, audio, and hyperlinks, the student is only able to link through a secure link
    • Please note: Images are limited to PNG, JPEG, and PDFs

  •  Selecting Textpresents the options for display type and max text length.
    • Display type, options include a text box or multi-line text box.
      • If multi-line text box is chosen an additional option for number of lines to display is presented.
    • Max text length, the maximum number of characters the student may enter for their answer.

  • Click Save once the user has completed all required fields.
    • Please note: Once a question has been saved, the user is unable to change/edit certain fields. The question is also not able to be removed.

  • Questions that are ScholarshipUniverse created questions are indicated with a  in the custom column.
  • Question that are created by the school user are indicated with a  in the custom column.

Edit Question

The user is able to edit existing questions by selecting the edit button . Certain fields are not able to be edited once they have been saved during question creation. This is to prevent questions from being changed once a student has answered the question.

  • Click the Edit button

  • Fields that are able to be edited may be selected and updated.
  • Fields that are not able to be edited, the user is not able to select the fields and/or the field is grayed out.
  • Re-Open Question: This button gives the user the option to manually reopen the question to students.  Reopening a question will re-generate the question to the student during the questions workflow. When clicking the Re-Open Question button the user will see a modal to confirm this action.
    • Remove All Answers toggle: 
      • Yes: This will remove the answer that the student previously had answered when they are in the questions workflow.
      • No: This will keep the answer that the student had previously answered when they are in the questions workflow.

  • If the question is Mapped to a SIS Data Field where the setting will not allow student overrides, the user will see this modal.

  • If the Question is a Document Type, they will not see this button.
  • Click Save, once all edits have been made.

Managing Custom Lists

List type questions require a selected list of values that a student may choose from to answer the question. ScholarshipUniverse comes with many out-of-the-box global questions and lists that are already being used to help students match to external scholarships. Institutions may generate custom questions that require custom lists that are not globally available.

Custom lists can be created by clicking the "Can't Find Your List?" link next to the List Type drop down. This requires a list name and at least two values to create a new list.

  • Click the "Can't Find Your List?" link to create a new list
  • Input a List Name
  • Add at least two values - you must include the value and the description of the value (they can be the same)
  • Click the Import List buttonto import a list of values
    • The list must be uploaded as a CSV file, containing the headers "Name" and "Description"
    • Please note that any duplicate values found will not be entered; this import does not edit existing values, only adds new ones
  • Save
  • Ensure that you also Save on the Question Personalization modal to commit the changes

Once a list has been saved, you can return to manage it by adding new values and deactivating/reactiving existing values. 

  • Click the Edit List link to open and manage the list
  • Click the Deactivate (trash can) icon to deactivate a value
  • Under the List Status drop down, select Inactive to view inactive values
    • Click the Reactivate (recycle) icon to reactivate a value

Note about value statuses - once a value is updated to be inactive, it can no longer be selected as part of the matching requirements for a scholarship or be selected by students when answering the question. Deactivated values are not removed from any existing matching requirements using them, nor are they removed from any student answers that currently have the value. This just prevents the value from being used any further. Reactivating a value will allow it to once again be selected as a matching requirement value and allow students to select it.